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Four powerful Biblical characteristics of petitions to God

 There are many spiritual characteristics of a petition, this podcast explores four powerful ones used by Jesus, King David and Jehoshaphat and others. It is said that knowledge is power. It is Divinely more powerful to have spiritual knowledge that helps you to Pray With Impact.

  1. A petition is based on certain rights already granted and guaranteed to the petitioner
  2. Petitions are addressed to one with authority and ability to grant the request. 
  3. The Petitioner must belong to the entity or domain in which they petition.
  4. When granted, a petition allows the petitioner to exercise the inherent power of execution in order to obtain the request.

When we unselfishly pray for others, interceding for their needs and putting them first, we are answering the biblical call. We are accepting God’s call on our lives to stand in the gap for others before him. God then intervenes in your own situation with amazing results.

In the Old Testament , the Israelites depended on certain procedures and customs to prepare themselves to meet or hear from God. Wearing the ephod was one of them. The ephod contained the 12 names of the tribes of Israel. It was specifically made of Blue, Purple, Scarlet Red and Gold colors. We explain how this was a picture of Jesus.

In the New Testament the ephod is not necessary for us to talk to God today, just as we no longer need to sacrifice animals on the altar to atone for our sins. 

God’s Son, Jesus, is our Savior and “the way and the truth and the life” (John 14:6), The Great Intercessor. Listen and learn.

The Power of Divine Convergence: Elohim- Jehovah - Immanuel - Adonai

It is said "Hind Sight is 20/20 we show you how to regain the power you lost in 2020

The Power of Three In One, God the Father, The Son and Holy Spirit, The Trinity.

The theme of this podcast is to show you the oneness and cohesiveness of and thus the Power of God in all his manifestation. We explore the power in the Names of God as laid out in the original languages of the Bible. 

The intended power in God’s Names is never lost just because we may not understand them. They are Divine and thus cannot lose power. 

However we show you how to reclaim their power by understanding their purpose .

Knowledge is power and Divine Power is  Absolutely Powerful

In this episode we look at a scriptural way to cause and measure the effectiveness of our prayers.

Effective prayer is evidenced by changed lives, situations or circumstances. Through Jesus, the victory is already won but the choice for effective prayer leading to this victory is ours. We may decide to continue to pray the way we have always prayed, even if it does not work or change and pray as led by the Spirit of God, to make it work. Many times God’s will and solutions require diligence and consistency on our part. What may seem impractical to us, maybe the way God’s will is for us to pray about a particular issue. Steady faith and the leading of the Holy Spirit will keep us on track. Evaluate and Change your prayer closet if need be 

The term replication implies an increase or multiplication of the same likeness of certain defining characteristics of a thing. Simply, it means predictable results. 

However as replication is taking place, another interesting phenomenon is also taking place in a way that expands the effects or rate of the reproduction exponentially. This simply means there’s an acceleration. 

Population growth and loan or bank savings interest rates are a few examples of naturally occurring exponential relationships. Imagine now, how you can model these situations as examples using an exponential function to predict results of your prayers. Not as a mathematical calculation but rather a faith function based on scriptures and Biblical history of events.

Forgiveness is the doorway to God's Grace

In this conversation we will learn four basic principles about forgiveness and forgiving:

  1. Forgiveness is directly anointed by Jesus
  2. Forgiveness is directly linked to God’s Grace
  3. Forgiveness directly unlocks Mercy
  4. Forgiveness directly unlocks God’s hand of Providence

Forgiveness is the doorway to God's Grace. The first act of spiritual forgiveness occurs to us when we first give our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. As Christians, our forgiving of others ought be a common  practice in our lives. But we know that this is not easy and does not always happen. However, when we fail to forgive others, we open the door to BITTERNESS in our lives. Bitterness slams the door and may prevent us from seeing God's work in our lives and that of others. Bitterness in our lives  grieves the Holy Spirit. We must forgive even as Christ forgave us.

Only God could have a plan for someone who says they never had a father figure, grew up in a "rough Detroit" neighborhood, to become an engineer, married to another engineer, be a father and help so many others to rise and shine. All through a journey that started at 18 when he met Christ.

God's promises are proven daily by those who believe and trust in His faithfulness.

In this episode, you will meet a man with a life timeline that shows what God can do to fulfill His Word. 

He rose from a place filled with despair to create space for others to move out. 

An engineering professional, a filmmaker , motivator, 3 Emmys, entrepreneur, a Gospel artist and more. 



Meet the humble 

Timashion The  Visionaire  

The world we live in seems to have so many insurmountable hurdles, whether of personal, community, national or international significance. At the time of this podcast the world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic that seems to come in waves, from nation to nation and within nations. Political and ethnic tensions and demonstrations of race, religion or tribe seem to be so overwhelming and solutions seem to be controlled by the progenitors or source trouble themselves. Until Yahweh, the I AM raises a Moses.

The Bible in the Book of Exodus, introduces to the power in the Name of God, "I AM", which if embraced will turn seemingly powerful "Pharaoh" situations into powerless "Virtual Reality"  acts. The I AM, The God we serve is all powerful. When he is depended upon, he promises and delivers all the backing and support you need using whatever we have. He turned a very insecure  Moses a deliverer who parted the waters of the Red Sea in the process. We interface this story with real life situations today. Examples of Philippines and Malawi!

When God seems late

Click to hear the secret in this awesome podcast episode will calm your nerves

There are those times when God seems late and silent yet everything around you seems to be quickly turning upside down inside out. 

You keep asking, “God where are you?”. But be assured that God is not late! This episode will help you understand the timing of God’s Will and your spiritual positioning necessary 

to be in perfect line for his answer. 

Staying Calm in the current storms: Know who you are!

The year 2020 will be remembered as a year of unnatural storms yet the year is only half gone. While the weather has been relatively calm so far,  the world has seen a health pandemic and worldwide demonstrations against unequal justice against black people. 

Nothing happens in a vacuum, especially spiritual vacuums. In this podcast we explore through scriptural principles how one can stay calm and overcome horrendous storms. The storms may be spiritual, personal, set created or even social, but when you know who you are and the solid ground you stand on, God will see you through them all. You will learn how to redirect your path.

Standing in the gap for another or ones community is a calling that takes you beyond prayer. It could be a very lonely and arduous task .

God calls those with a heart compassion for others to this task. Often times the need is a physical need. In this podcast episode, you will hear the powerful testimony of two ladies who have been doing this for over 20 years. Intercession could be an assignment or calling to perform services for others or your community. Your Job could be a form of Intercession. This is intercession like you've never seen it before.

Take a few minutes and Join us as we pray in an international ring of prayer

Jesus said that “where 2 or three are gathered in my name, there I am with them”. When we’re in one accord, Jesus is with us 

The COVID19 Coronavirus that has engulfed the earth and put the whole planet on PAUSE. It has challenged every human system to the maximum. It has challenged every belief and faith system. We have seen how vulnerable the human systems and ways we have embraced are. We need God. In this prayer podcast of repentance and exultation we petition God using scripture, to rid us of this virulent pandemic

Prayer points

-God’s mercy and forgiveness for our generation and offspring, for our disregard for his ways and guidance.

-Wellbeing of our human community:

Health, financial, social and above all SPIRITUAL RESET of our ways to reflect God's purposes

-Protection and healing for us all against COVID-19 

Why Jesus' Resurrection is earth's Reset during Corona virus Easter lockdown

Never before has the whole planet earth come to a standstill, not even during the world wars. If a single virus can press the Pause button on the whole planet earth as we know it. Then it's easy to see man's vulnerability. 

This is the first Passover and Resurrection day not celebrated in man made church buildings. Simply celebrated within the temple of the Holy Spirit in solitary lockdown.

Suddenly man's wisdom, technology, war machines and weaponry are rendered obsolete (Zechariah 9:10). Yet again suddenly our human commonality is exposed without prejudice. In the same way, man should learn that we all have one enemy, 

Satan. In this podcast we take you through a timeline that shows you that we have one Lord, whose Deity has gone through the  "Proving Ground" without equal. Walk with us as we climb the "curve" of prophecy and its fulfillment regarding Jesus Christ our Lord

The world on its knees!

We no longer have to ask or wonder "if every knee will bow". One little unseen virus has brought the world, that is everyone on planet earth to a halting standstill. Every nation and peoples regardless of race or economic prowess have their attention on CIVID-19. The Bible says that nothing that is happening has not happened before. The Bible has physical and spiritual examples of Isolation, Quarantine and Lockdown documented. This episode recounts some and hints on what we should do. With power of scripture and lessons learned, it shows us why we need to Pray With Impact. Everything than can be shaken will be shaken, according to the Book of Hebrews. That includes the church


Loading your prayers with Christlike compassion that is motivated by the Love of God is the key to miracle filled answers to prayer.

Did your ever notice that every time Jesus was described as filled with compassion, miracles followed?

In this episode you will learn that as God is, as Jesus is so we’re (1 John 4:17).

See how you, like the disciples did, may have been overlooking your most God loaded motive to powerful miracle filled prayer. All from the Word of God in clear view. The word “miracle” will never be Biblically unclear to you again.

In this episode, we hear the testimony of a lady whose life was changed from a life of despair, drug and alcohol abuse, effects of sexual abuse from age 4. This was a life in slow motion death with hepatitis c which was incurable at the time. Then she found a personal Christ as she joined our Bible study prayer group. We prayed for health and life turn around. Yes GOD CAN turn any situation around. He saved her life and mind to go back to school and earn up to a Masters Degree at age 62. Listen to this amazing testimony.

Fulfillment of Joel 2:25

“So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten,The crawling locust,The consuming locust, And the chewing locust"

In this episode Learn how to take on the burdens of others so that on"seeing your faith" Jesus is moved into duo action, forgiving sin in the spiritual and performing  miracles in the natural

Do not underestimate the Power of Intercession within you. Jesus, our role model for intercession, had to die and get to the lowest point of life, the grave, to intercede for us. Jesus conquered death from underneath and rose again and we should never forget how low he got for us to obtain salvation. Likewise we also have to identify with the ones we’re interceding for. An example is Daniel 9 when he interceded for Israel. He identified himself as part of the problem rather than pointing the finger. 

“four men arrived carrying a paralyzed man on a mat. They couldn’t bring him to Jesus because of the crowd, so they dug a hole through the roof above his head. Then they lowered the man on his mat, right down in front of Jesus. Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralyzed man, “My child, your sins are forgiven.”

Faith and Trust are basic elements of effective prayer

Praying in faith takes the Word of God, its promises and principles and applies them to our situations aligning them with the Will of God. In Hebrews 11:6 God tells us that it is impossible to please Him without faith. That is a powerful disclaimer! Without faith and Holy Spirit led prayer, Christianity would be just like the other powerless religions that have no value (Hebrews 4:2) to the Kingdom of God. Prayer is the vehicle that harnesses belief and trust together to move faith. We show how to move from faith that just believes to effective faith that completes the loop of faith: Belief, Trust and Impact

How God helps overcome the seemingly “powerful” forces poised against us. 

DIGNITY WITHIN is a Powerful force within us often unrecognized or used! Sometimes, we have to stand up for the God given dignity within that he built in us as basic for our very existential being. He said we are created in his own image and God the creator of that dignity is greater than the circumstances or bully in front of you. 

“Spiritual warfare” is a term commonly used in Christian circles to describe negative encounters  that happen between Satan’s forces of evil and believers. They are encounters between Satan and his agents or demonic forces with humanity.

We have to understand though, that the good Spirit world has a bigger and a more powerful  presence than the evil that we encounter. We should never have to lose a battle, but in reality we do. Jesus won the war! It is a huge and usually barely understood area of life, so we are opening a discussion that will be ongoing.

Some terms or phrases used may not appear in the Bible but their use is Bible based and so Biblically acceptable 

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